As you might have guessed, the name Dayen­ite, is the words day and night put togeth­er, to make it sound like day’n’night.

The think­ing behind this name was that my apps should be use­ful day and night, i.e. one you would use for both day and night tasks – e.g. a cal­en­dar or a watch face. Anoth­er thought was that I was work­ing day and night, learn­ing how to cre­ate apps for Android and iOS, and set­ting up this site.

It’s been two years since I cre­at­ed Dayen­ite, and I thought the site/brand need­ed a new logo and a clean­er icon.

The new logo

The logo on a white back­ground

I want­ed the logo to depict the con­cept of day and night, and opt­ed for a ver­sion where the bot­tom of the let­ters were cut off – except the y’ char­ac­ter, which would look like a v’ if cut. Leav­ing the y’ uncut also assures the view­er that the cut­off isn’t a ren­der­ing error.

Because of the cut, the logo some­what resem­bles a sun­rise or sun­set, i.e. the change of day and night.

The first part Day’ is ren­dered in a bold font weight, which catch­es the eyes, and in turn helps the view­er fig­ure out how to pro­nounce the name. Last­ly I even incor­po­rat­ed the new icon as the dot over the i’ as an attrac­tive logo detail.

I kept the font fam­i­ly from the pre­vi­ous logo – Open Sans.

The logo on a dark back­ground

The new icon

The old icon did incor­po­rate the day and night theme, by resem­bling a sun and a moon, but it just didn’t look as clean as I would’ve liked it to. So with the new icon I abstract­ed the sun and moon idea even fur­ther.

I end­ed up with two semi­cir­cles, one with a fill and one with a stroke. The stroke width – and the gap between the semi­cir­cles – was sized to still be vis­i­ble when the icon is scaled to 16 pix­els. Also, the stroked semi­cir­cle resem­bles a D’ (for Dayen­ite).

Out with the old, in with the new

Instead of the bor­ing grayscale col­or scheme, the site’s accent col­or was used. The col­or was blend­ed in a gra­di­ent with a slight­ly lighter col­or, and shad­ows were added.

The icon was pro­por­tioned using a stan­dard lay­out grid (con­tain­ing the gold­en ratio). This grid is rec­om­mend­ed best prac­tice for iOS app icons.

The icon with a default best prac­tice lay­out grid

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